Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life and polish

Magnetic polish with stamping.

Stamping and stamping decal.
My Halloween nails

Island Girl Holo polish

The pointy nails look fierce!
Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting much. Between obsessing about the elections, work, and my health issues,  I haven't been doing as much nail art or blogging. My skin condition has flared up again. It seems to be worse when my irregular heart beat is happening often.  Doctors today seem to only treat each symptom as an issue all to its own. We need more Dr. House types that are just a little less reckless. Meaning, looking at all of a persons health issues and seeing if there is a common cause.

Because I get tired easy, I haven't been up for any really good nail art. I still love doing it and want to get half as good as the ladies out there. I have been wearing polish pretty 90% of the time for the last 3-4 years. If I do something nice I get positive feedback. I haven't had anything negative in a couple of years.  I am happy that I made the decision to do what I love regardless of what some may think. I am sure it may limit my chances of finding a girlfriend, but I would rather not have one than hide who I am.  People have trouble separating sexual orientation from gender expression. I identify as a male, but am interested in some typically female stuff. I consider my self gender non-conforming.  I have admired pretty nails since I was a kid. I have moved from admiring others nails to wanting them myself. I am still me. I still love football and hate opera.  I feel people should dress or present themselves however feels good and natural to them. Screw the whole binary concept when it comes to people. We are not computers. Binary thinking is what is wrong with politics and religion. Life is a spectrum.

Please try and look past my gnarly skin until it heals.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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  2. Love all of those looks, the Halloween one especially!

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