Monday, August 7, 2017

Learning to use gelish PolyGel

Working on my work area for hobbies

All ready to start doing my nails

First try using PolyGel. Need some work but a good start.

Hello Friends,

I am trying to get my hobby better organized to make practicing easier. My nail stamping polish shelf is held to the wall with magnets Bolted to the angle iron (actually aluminum).  I put a clear angle molding to keep the bottles from falling off if we have an earthquake. It is nice to have good lighting and a dedicated work space. I also use it when I work on electronics too.

Prior to getting the PolyGel starter kit, I had been learning to do traditional acrylic nails. I am still low o the learning curve with acrylic.  I can do a passable set on myself. However, not something I would post in a nail group. I do post them if I have done stamping.  The people in stamping groups are concerned about the nail art and not judging your nails. They are a great bunch of ladies and a few guys like me. PolyGel is awesome! You apply it just like a bead of acrylic but with out the time constraint to get it done before it hardens. PolyGel is workable and stiff enough to stay where you put it.  You can take as long as you want. When your happy then you put your nails under the UV or LED lamp. I don't have an LED lamp, so three minutes is the tie they say. My left hand was three minutes, but I did 4 minutes on the right hand.  I noticed the underside of the nail wasn't totally cured.  I think I will get an LED lamp soon. I have to give polyGel a thumbs up!  Now I need to get rid of the lame nail forms that don't stick good and buy some quality ones.

Paws stamping!
Remember everyone deserves to wear color on their nails if they want!


  1. Okay, you do what you do. And that's that. Enjoy yourself and the colors with the painted nails n all. Im a fan of painted nails too btw

  2. For stamping over Polygel did you buff, swipe, stamp, then put the top coat on, or was it a different process?
    Thanks :-)

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