Friday, August 30, 2013

Construction and nice mani/pedi not mutually exclusive!

It has been a beautiful week for a vacation. Even though it is all construction and manual labor, I can still enjoy the world of polish. I reshaped and shortened my nails to be easier to work with. They still are a little past the ends of my fingers. This length seems to be a good compromise between pretty and functional. I'll wear gloves tomorrow when we pour the cement for my patio. I like the french for a low maintenance mani.

Update: It is a good thing I wore gloves. I had banged the end of my thumb and must have dislodged the nail. It was in my glove when I took them off.


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    1. Thanks, I thought some stars would make it more fun!

  2. you have very beautiful nails. I am growing mine as well and I like to keep them very shiny.

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    1. yes his nails are very nice. i love having long nails too. Would you like to see pics of my nails.

  4. If you like to contact me then I will email you pics of my nails. I have none posted here but I will share pics with you. Email