Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surprise at work today

I had to go into work and repair a leak in our water system and replace a distribution pump. A coworker was coming in to assist me.  When I got to work he was already there. He was wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Much to my surprise, his toes were painted gun metal gray. He is married with children and his wife paints his toes.  I wonder how many other guys I know have color on their toes hidden away.


  1. Great! How I'd love to see guys wearing nail polish! Except than in heavy metal gigs, I have never seen any guy wearing nail polish.

    My husband likes too wearing nail polish but he only does on vacation when we stay home. He's afraid of what people (and our families) would think of it.

  2. Tell your husband that it is a bigger deal in his mind than to anyone else. After my 85 year old aunt actually got a kick out of it, I didn't worry about family anymore. They will love you regardless. Being married will also eliminate the whole are you gay thing. My toes are a good ice breaker at boring family functions. Everyone wants to see what color I am wearing. Ease him out of the house with small runs to a grocery at night. Tell him if acts like it is no big deal and just goes about his business, he won't have any problems. Good luck!

  3. My husband is more afraid of family than strangers. Our families are so close-minded and there is no way for them to understand that a guy would like nail polish. For them, if a guy likes nail polish, he's gay. No other solution. And they make no efforts to think about it. That's so sad.

    I'm furious about my parents in law: they always talked about their young neighbour who seemed to love "girl things" and commented about his "weird acting" (walking like a girl). They even talked to the young neighbour's father because "he looked like gay"! My parents in law thought he was strange. So what? What's their problem? He's the neighbour, in what are they concerned?

    How to explain things to them? You know that is impossible to change minds.

  4. Valerie,

    It is so sad to see people acting so shallow, specially the ones we love. I am fortunate to have a wife like you that is accepting of the things that make me happy. I only wish that were the rule rather than the exception.

  5. That is very unfortunate. I to was more worried about family than strangers. My mom never knew my ears were pierced. I would take them out before going to her house. At least he can still share it with you. It can be special to have something you only share with the one you love. Enjoy the little secret together.

  6. my husband has shown an interest in my polish but does not like the feel of it on his nails, either set. Personally I never feel it but he is a weird guy. I love it when men wear it on their toes it's adorable!

  7. Aithne, your just used to polish. I know exactly what he is talking about. I can feel it when I put polish on my fingers. It feels like someone is pressing lightly on the top of my nails. I've been wearing clear a lot to try and solve my peeling index and thumbs. As I type I can feel the polish. Over time, I am sure my mind will adjust and it will seam normal feeling.

  8. I paint my husband's toes all of the time - and if we go shopping? Guess who is in charge of trying out any testers since I usually have a manicure I don't want to ruin! I think he secretly enjoys it and in fact has mentioned a few times colors he liked (said it made him feel like a robot haha).

    Just stumbled onto your blog.. super good energy here! I love it!


    1. That is great! If it were not for the fear of losing their man card, a lot of guys would wear polish openly. Hopefully that is changing.

  9. Unfortunately alot of people have negative opinions against men wearing nail varnish. But as i do if they want to think im gay or whatever its their choice i know who i am. And i dont need them to tell me who i am. My wife supports me. Although it did take her a while to become comfortable with people comments and for her not to worry what people would say

  10. My wife polished my toes with the same color as hers (maroon) after I complimented her pedi and told her that "I really liked the color". I actually liked the way it looked and just kept wearing it on my toes.
    That was nine years ago and I've had them polished many times since. It's some nice quality time we can spend together, whether at home or at a salon.
    I rarely receive comments from others but that's not why I wear it, I just enjoy the way it looks on my nails.