Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life and polish

Magnetic polish with stamping.

Stamping and stamping decal.
My Halloween nails

Island Girl Holo polish

The pointy nails look fierce!
Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting much. Between obsessing about the elections, work, and my health issues,  I haven't been doing as much nail art or blogging. My skin condition has flared up again. It seems to be worse when my irregular heart beat is happening often.  Doctors today seem to only treat each symptom as an issue all to its own. We need more Dr. House types that are just a little less reckless. Meaning, looking at all of a persons health issues and seeing if there is a common cause.

Because I get tired easy, I haven't been up for any really good nail art. I still love doing it and want to get half as good as the ladies out there. I have been wearing polish pretty 90% of the time for the last 3-4 years. If I do something nice I get positive feedback. I haven't had anything negative in a couple of years.  I am happy that I made the decision to do what I love regardless of what some may think. I am sure it may limit my chances of finding a girlfriend, but I would rather not have one than hide who I am.  People have trouble separating sexual orientation from gender expression. I identify as a male, but am interested in some typically female stuff. I consider my self gender non-conforming.  I have admired pretty nails since I was a kid. I have moved from admiring others nails to wanting them myself. I am still me. I still love football and hate opera.  I feel people should dress or present themselves however feels good and natural to them. Screw the whole binary concept when it comes to people. We are not computers. Binary thinking is what is wrong with politics and religion. Life is a spectrum.

Please try and look past my gnarly skin until it heals.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Rainbow illusions

MoYou Illusions collection

Hello friends! I did this rainbow mani for a nail art challenge. I had no idea I was going to love it so much. What you put on your nails before the stamping can make a world of difference. I have used this image before and liked the results. However, with this rainbow base under the stamping, it is ten times more awesome. I painted my nails white white some cheap Sinful Colors polish and then sponged on the rainbow colors with makeup sponges. I then stamped using my old faithful white squishy stamper from FabUrNails. I have never done a rainbow mani before. I know some people think I must be gay for always having painted nails. I had figured if I wore anything rainbow, that would confirm their suspicions. I have decided that is not a good reason to not do it. People are going to think what they want anyway. I already wear any color that a women would wear. My last mani was a coral with yellow flower stamping (See Below). I will wear black with skulls on occasion, but it isn't really me. I actually really like pinks,reds, purples and all the colors in between. Nail art has made me appreciate all the hard work people put into making really special manis. Like my mani below, some of the ladies would take the time to color in parts of the flowers to add that little extra. I often don't have the patience to go that extra mile.

If anyone has any questions about stamping, feel free to ask. I had lots of help from wonderful bloggers and the Facebook stamping community. I would love to pay it forward.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Has it been that long?

Sorry I have neglected my blog for so long. I haven't been sure what to to talk about. Wearing polish on a daily basis has become so normal to me and the people around me that it doesn't inspire much to talk about. However, in a sense that in itself is noteworthy. The fact that it has become a non issues means that, in my current environment, I have overcome the social bias against guys wearing polish,

The biggest problem I deal with is of my own making. I enjoy doing nail art and being in a number of Facebook nail groups. Being in those groups makes me gravitate to having longer nails that are better suited for a wide variety of nails art. I have long since stopped worrying about designs being to girly. I have done camo designs and other designs that are more gender neutral. There are so many stamping patterns that are just interesting and to use a term that dates me "cool". I love some of the geometric patterns out there.

I think this design is gender neutral.

This is the length I like for doing nail art.

Camo pattern goes with my camo shorts or kilt.

Another pattern that is interesting for anyone.

I currently have no acrylic or gel on my nails. I am trying to get them a little healthier. I would love not to have to use any enhancements. However, my nails are so flimsy and they have always peeled at the free edge. The last two weeks is the longest I have gone without polish in 3-4 years. I am getting impatient. They are still peeling even though I have been oiling them many times a day. I am getting a lot better at doing acrylic nails. They can be safe and not damaging if you don't use an electric file on your nails.

I'll try and post more often.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A break from nail art after Halloween


After Halloween I felt a need to step back and recharge. I also have been busy leading up to Thanksgiving. I traveled back to my hometown for the holiday. I wore the same polish for over a week. It was BB Couture Briquette. It is a nice dark gray with some fine shimmer in it. It held up for an entire week. I packed my polish and topcoat in case I needed to redo them, but I never had to get them out.

BB Couture Briquette after a week
 I decided to go with a this nice brick type of red from BB Couture called Uninvited. I choose it because I didn't want a Christmas red yet. I'll gear up for some Christmas manis soon.

BB Couture Uninvited
 A Facebook friend posted a picture of these shoes and I thought I could do some nail art that would go really well. I did them on a silicone mat. I then peeled them off and sent them in an envelope. I think they really go well with the shoes.

Nail Art I did as a decal to match a friends shoes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween 2015

I have been trying my new Bundle Monster Halloween plates over the past two weeks. I have neglected all my other plates. I am about burnt out on Halloween and it isn't here yet! I have had some breakage so all my nails are not the same length. I'll let them catch up. I am not one to chop them all off when one breaks. I get so busy with other stuff that I forget to post here.

Life as a male polish wearer has been good. It makes me happy that some people look forward to see what I have done today. Others just totally ignore it. This is how it must be for the ladies that love polish and nail art. I am traveling back to my home town for Thanksgiving. I haven't decided what to wear on my nails. They will be polished. If they weren't, I'd feel like a fraud. I am fully committed to doing what I love. Most people are on my friends list so it won't be a shock. I am more worried about having gained the weight I lost back and looking fat. My fight with my blood sugar has me taking more insulin and that seems to help me gain weight(not that I needed help). My visit will be my chance to eat all the things I have missed since moving to Hawaii. I guess I'll pack extra insulin for the trip. :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Neon orange week

Hand made tiger stripes

Yellow stamping with BM-XL05
Hey guys,

I bought some gel polishes on clearance from Sally's. The above pictures are Orly "Melt you Popsicle". Amazingly, both photos are the same base color. The first was with lighting from behind and the second was direct lighting from above. The yellow stamping really toned down the neon. The neon with tiger stripes is the boldest mani I have worn to work. Nothing came of it. The tiger stripes garnered some positive comments from guys. They thought I was a Bengals fan. Women associated it with Tigger from Winnie the Poo.  Either way it has been a fun bold color to wear. Since it is a gel polish, I tend to wear gel for at least a week since it is more work to remove.

The best thing about a good gel polish mani is that it is very tough. For a guy that uses his hands at work, gel polish doesn't chip and looks as good as new after a week. I have a black gel I wear now and then. Go gel if you want a durable polish to wear for a couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seeing Red!

BB Couture Vampire Bite inside LED lighting

BB Couture Vampire Bite in Sunlight
Hello everyone! A few weeks ago BB Couture had a sale. When I was looking to choose polishes, I was drawn to this beautiful red. Until now, it was rare for me to wear red. It is a color some women don't wear often. I have always thought reds were sexy, which made me even more apprehensive to wear it. I currently don't have a girlfriends red nails to look at, so my nails will have to do. Red is just one of a multitudes of polishes. It shouldn't be any different then wearing blue. So I have worn this red for 2-1/2 days. No one commented on my choice of colors positively or negatively, which is okay. I wear polish for me and no one else. I am not trying to make a statement . The only statement is that what I wear on my nails is my business. If you don't like it, that is your problem. I am so thankful that my work has not taken issue with it. I am not sure if I could go back to boring plain nails after all this time. It is part of who I currently am.

Any guys out there on the fence about wearing polish in public, I say polish on and enjoy adding color to your life!

p.s My 4th of July nails below.