Sunday, June 5, 2011

Got past the church hurdle.

Today, I didn't wear sneakers to church to hide my painted toes. I have in the past since there are so many people. A lot of older friends of the family go there. I never wanted to be bombarded with questions and comments. But guess what, no one said anything.; either they didn't notice or didn't care. Now that only leaves my work to let the cat out of the bag. I was hoping to run into coworkers at church and kill two birds with one stone. If the right person sees my toes, everyone will know! I am making a concerted effort to out my nail polish addiction. Once everyone who knows me has seen, then there will be no hesitation to wear whatever color or design I want. When that happens I may get a neon pink with an awesome design on it to celebrate!


  1. Jim,

    That's great news on the wearing out to church. I had another weekend where I wore polish openly to Wal-Mart, the container store, a pizza place, and a few other places. No one seems to care. Nail polish isn't my only "non-conformity" either, I wore women's camo capri's yesterday and no one paid any attention to that either.

    I'd love to have a neon pink pedicure as well, but I think that may draw more attention to me than my super dark almost black Essie Over the Top right now.

    Besides wearing some almost unnoticable polish right now on my fingers at work, I doubt I'll "come out" to my coworkers since I work in a professional setting and sandals on men don't work here.

  2. Being in the healthcare industry, we cant have any open toe footwear. Most people come in in sandals or flip flops and change into their work cloths. I want people to know, so it can be a non issue down the line.

  3. Congratulations Jim! That's wonderful news, and honestly, rather surprising. You must belong to a pretty liberal church.

    Kris, i think Wal-Mart was a perfect shopping destination for someone who's appearance might be a few degrees off-center from the norm, but be careful, you don't want make an appearance on "People of Wal-Mart." ;) As for your capris, they happen to be my favorite "shorts" as well. Lots of men have knee-length shorts these days, but they're SO baggy they look absurd. Capris look nicely tailored in comparison, and i also like showing my shaved legs, even if only from the knees down. :)

    I haven't done public polish yet, but one of my goals for this summer is to start.


  4. It isn't so much the institution of church as it is the gathering of a lot of friends, co-workers and friends of the family. It would be uncomfortable if a lot of people started asking questions. People don't look at your feet unless you do. There is nothing biblical against nail polish. My aunt is very religious and is fine with it. I trust her when she says there is nothing contrary to the teachings of the lord. I have a pair of "Clam Diggers" my wife bought me. I have never worn them with polished toes. It would definitely shift attention towards my feet.