Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lizard belly and Magnetic Franken polish experiment

Lizard Belly was mailed yesterday. I hope to see it before Friday's pedicure. The pictures posted by other bloggers look awesome. After this polish, I want to get my hands on a magnetic polish; they look like a lot of fun to experiment with. I am trying to see if I can franken one. I went into the workshop and used a grinding wheel on a bolt to get the metal dust. I picked it up with a magnet. I'm not sure how much to dump in the polish. If it works, I will post a picture.


  1. I am really wanting to try the magnetic polish also. I just need to figure out which one I want. I hope that your experiment works!

  2. I've seen a few and each time I think I've got to have it. I need to do a google image search for magnetic polish to see a bunch side by side; then I may be able to narrow it down to one.