Sunday, November 18, 2012

Matte is Murder for Sunday Stamping Challenge

Saturday was a rainy day in paradise. I decided to play with my new Cheeky Jumbo plates to come up with my Sunday stamping challenge mani. I settled on this one after a failed attempt with Manglaze Fuggen Ugly.

Matte is Murder stamped with Konad Black

I wasn't real happy with the results of Fuggen Ugly with the neon pink dots. I distorted the image oddly when stretching it for my big fingers. Since the dots are evenly spaced, you can really see where it goes off.

Fuggen Ugly stamped with CG Shocking Pink

I decided to try out an image on my blue mani before taking it off. I still struggle with positioning the image to get it to start at the free edge. I sometimes just miss!

Playing with the Jumbo Cheeky Plates
 The weekend started right with a relaxing pedicure. The place I go to just installed new spa chairs. I love going on Friday nights because it sets the tone for the rest of the weekend.
Friday Night Pedicure
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Even though the mani is black, I am going to wear it to work. I just like it too much to take it off so soon!


  1. I like the Matte is Murder mani! Looks fantastic!

  2. I love the matte stamping! I'm so glad we did this for the challenge! Your toes look great too (as usual!!!)

  3. The matte challenge ended up being a good one. I loved wearing this one today. However, it took some damage at work today. It is time for the thanksgiving mani anyway. Laurie, I am really liking this pedi! I was in the mood for something fun.

  4. Looks great! You may want to look into the XL stamp they have on the Ninja Polish site...I have my father's hands, and as such I have pretty wide fingernails...I find that the big stamp works so much better than the old Konad one, AND it is sort of 'squishier' and stickier so it picks up the image better and then you can really conform it to your nail when you stamp, it sort of envelops the whole nail and hugs the corners. As a bonus it is double tipped and has a very small stamp on the other end for small accent stamping.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I pretty much only use my XL stamper anymore.

  5. Love the pedi, and I'm seriously crazy about the webbed/snakeskin black-on-black. Both of them look awesome!!