Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monkey see, monkey do!

BB Couture Dark Tommy with Googly Eyes

I have been sick the last few days but, I was feeling up to copying a mani I saw earlier in the day by a Facebook friend named Misty. I like the way they turned out. Simple and silly. Dark Tommy by BB Couture is one of my all time favorite dark polishes. I hope they still make it because, I may need a new bottle soon. I hate having to tilt the bottle or stick the brush all the way back in the bottle to fill the brush. I tend to screw up more when the bottle gets low. You could easily find out someones favorite colors by looking to see which bottles have the most gone from them. I need to come up with an awesome mani for Halloween. What I do will depend on whether I dress up or not. Most likely I won't. I am not that creative. Beyond polish, I rarely do crafty things.

Below are a couple of other recent manis.

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New Bundle Monster stamps over a black base

OPI - Yoga-Ta get this Blue

Indigo Bananas - Maui


  1. LOL Love the crazy eyes. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thanks, I think the antibiotics and ear drops are helping.

  2. How cool! That is a great way and I'll give these a try, since I did purchased some new nail polish!

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  4. Really nice colors! I'd like to ask for some personal advice from another mal polish lover like yourself. I'm having a really hard time expressing myself with the art form. If it's possible.