Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let the Ladies pick my next pedicure color (OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow)

This week is my pedicure week. I was wondering what color the nail technicians would choose if I let them pick the color. It could go a couple of ways. They could choose a color they think would look good on a guys feet. Although, they might go with something that is bright and bold that I might be uncomfortable sporting around town. Either way it will be fun. Worst case, I don't wear sandals when I'm out and about. At least I could look at them at home.

They were conservative in the choices they picked. One was a really dark purple that looked like Lincoln Park after dark. I picked OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. I didn't care for the suede finish so I had them put a top coat on it. After trying BB Couture Pipe Bender, I decided I do like green. If it holds up, I'll keep this one until my next pedicure.

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