Thursday, May 19, 2011

The polish rack can be intimidating.

When I go for a pedicure, I can't bring my self to stand there and browse the colors. I usually bring the color I want with me and hand it to the nail tech. The rack is right there in front of all the pedicure stations. I feel like everyones eyes will be burning into my back. Tomorrow, I will bring "Ski teal we drop" with me. I am really feeling like a lighter teal. They carry mostly China Glaze polishes and I am not so familiar with their colors. If I post "Ski teal we drop", you will know I wimped out.


  1. Jim,
    I've gotta tell ya, I'm loving your blog! It's so great to hear things from a male perspective. And I appreciate your honesty. I wish you lived in St. Louis - I'd love to get a pedi with you! We could browse the polish rack as long as we wanted (but I'm like you, I prefer to bring my own!).
    Great blog, keep the posts comin'!

    Paws to Polish

    P.S. - Have you entered my giveaway? There's still time, and there are lots of great polishes in it! :-)

  2. I just entered your giveaway. Thanks for your kind words. Now I wish I lived in St. Louis. A pedi would be more fun with a friend.

  3. Jim,

    I know what you mean. Perhaps I am not as addicted as a lot of folks are, but when I first started out I snatched up everything I thought I'd like, until I swatched it, consequently I have a lot of polish I never use (I actually have more than my wife). Several OPI, BB Couture, China Glaze, Finger Paints, etc... Tried giving some away to the ladies at work, but they weren't interested. I tend to only wear a few shades the rest just sit.

    As for pedi with friends. It is a lot more enjoyable. My wife and I often pedi together. And my secretary and I use the same salon, and have had lunchtime pedis together a couple of time. I also teach Tae Kwon Do, and many of my fellow instructors (male & female) also get pedis, but we haven't done it together yet which is a pity, since the salon is right next door.

  4. I have a few colors that after seeing them on a finger, I wasn't likely to use it for a pedi. That happens less now that I search the blogs to see what they actually look like on the nail.

  5. Here's what I am wearing right now.

    It's BB Couture "Intake Valve" with a coat of Seche Vite. It is a nice beige with lavender undertones. It actually looks better than in the picture.

  6. @Kevin, it's funny that I had been just looking at that color the other day. I even searched blogs for pictures. I have found that if you use a flash, it changes the color of the polish and your feet. I have the best luck with overcast daylight. Some blogs have said that intake valve has gold shimmer in it, yet I have never seen a picture that picked it up. I was thinking of buying Opi Skull and Glossbones or Intake Valve.
    Thanks for posting the link to the picture. I like to see what other guys are wearing to see what works.