Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Odd response to a compliment.

Today, I carried my aunts friends suitcase into her house after we picked her up at the airport. The older women she rents a room from had a nice pedicure with flowers on each big toe. When she held the door for me to carry the bags in I told her the flowers were pretty. She responded, "Your less of a man then I thought you were". I was wearing sneakers and she has never seen my toes. So I think she was just amazed I even noticed her pedicure, let alone commented on it. Her tone was positive, it just sounded odd. Since I started reading blogs and going for pedicures, I am more appreciative of a good looking manicure or pedicure.


  1. That was an interesting response, but at least it was safe. I had a weird encounter the other day that was disturbing, as I am a very happily married, faithful husband.

    Last Thursday I almost got into trouble over my toes. I was at the park near my office at lunch, and a very pretty young lady came over to my bench and started raving about my polished toes (wearing OPI "Over The Taupe"). Fortunately there weren't a lot of folks around, but then she asked how I liked hers (she had a really pretty french pedicure), and put her feet in my lap right on top of my crotch. She had a short skirt on too, so by this time I was beginning to respond biologically, and had to get out of the situation quickly so I just told her that they was very pretty, but I was sorry that I couldn't stick around, and left. My wife and I talked about it later, and had a couple of laughs, but it has put me on guard.

  2. Wow, I can see how it would be awkward since you are happily married. At this point your weird is my dream!LOL I just hope to meet a woman that i can share this interest with.