Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whats wrong with shinny?

I don't understand why anyone would want a matte finish or think guys colors should be matte. No guy is going to say he want to have a dull or matte finish on his candy apple red car. We want to be able to see our selves in the finish. We look down the sides of a car to see if it has any imperfections. I can only speak for myself, but I love looking down at my toes after getting a pedi and seeing reflections in my toes. I aspire to be able to do that myself, but for now I leave that to my nail tech Vivey. The downside is I have to wait two weeks to change colors. However, sometimes I'll take it off a day or two before, so I can practice and try out colors before I commit to wearing them for two weeks.


  1. Hey Jim, I wear mattes from time to time. When I feel like going matte I typically use a matte topcoat; OPI "Nail Envy Matte" for a semigloss finish or Essie "Matte About You" if I want to go completely flat. I also have Manglaze "Matte is Murder" - matte black, and Manglaze "Fuggen Ugly" - matte grey.

    At first I was enamored by the gloss, and I still wear gloss primarily, but once in a while a nice matte finish just fits my mood. There are some colors that do well as matte, and others that just look like crap. I challenge you to experiment with them from time to time, I think you'll be surprised.


  2. I have the matte top coat from BB Couture. It came with the polishes I won in the contest. I just didn't like what Opi "Here today Aragon tomorrow" looked like. It looked like some moss had grown on my nails! I'll see what it looks like with a color other than green.

  3. Yeah, Some colors just don't work well as mattes. You just have to experiment a little bit. Lighter colors work best for me, but matte black or grey work well too. I can't do matte reds, dk greens, or dk blues. They just don't cut it with my skin color. I did have some success with Essie "Matte about You" over China Glaze "Orange Knockout".