Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One last picture of My Zebra print toes

I just thought the Bubbles around the silver and white design looked like a nice picture. I'm not meaning to obsess on my toes. Currently, there is no football, no new episodes of my favorite shows, and it is a slow news week; so what else is there to do? The bad thing is, until I can bring myself to part with this pedi, I can't try anything else. I wish I had a pair of willing feet to paint.


  1. I still love this mani! do you know that Steven Tyler paints his toes? His feet have seen better days but he paints them! He had skittles on in Maui I think

  2. For skittles, does it have to be certain colors or just different on each digit?

  3. Just different, but BRIGHT, colors. Think of the candies.