Thursday, June 9, 2011

Test driving a color for my toes

I bought BB Couture Rustler a while back and haven't got to try it yet. So I tested it out on my fingers to see if I would like it for a pedi. I had been looking for a brown that doesn't have any visible red in it and this is it! If I ever decided to were polish on out on my hands, This color could work. It's not that I don't like browns with red in them. I have worn OPI Suzi says da and liked it. I just wanted a true brown in my collection.

I have been on a path of brighter and bolder lately. I think as I become more comfortable with my toes, I want to try colors that I've seen and liked. A lot of them are not seen on guys toes very often, or at least not in public. OPI Yodel me on my cell is the color I bought for my next pedi. Who knows what will happen now that they know I like nail art, I may come out with something totally different. I am a sucker for pretty women who want to use my toes as their canvas.


  1. sucker lol Yodel is such a beautiful color! That would look awesome with white stripes if you went the stripe route again.

  2. That is a nice color.

    -Update on Essie vinyl bikini. I've got that on my fingers right now. It is a really nice sheer polish that has just a hint of shimmer in it if you catch it at the right angle.

    Essie like linen is also super sheer, but has a bit of pink milkiness to it. It will be hard to do a french manicure with it since it is super runny. I have it on my toes right now (not as a french) and am going to be going to a family lakehouse this weekend. Going to see if anyone even notices it. It looks really nice by itself with 2 coats.

  3. Once I got used to seeing all my fingers painted, I decided to do the other hand. The big decision that looms is should I take it off before leaving for Costco? I am off work until Tuesday and could leave it on until it chips or gets messed up. I've always wondered how long it would survive.

  4. Kris, the like linen was for the french tips. The color is perfect for a natural looking French. I wore it to work with the vinyl bikini yesterday. It kept tricking me into thinking my nails had grown out a lot since my manicure last Friday. She had filed my nails until there was nothing left; so when I looked at them I actually thought it was the tip of my nail. I bought a brush at a hobby shop to clean up the line until it was the right thickness. It is a little time consuming, but not hard to do. I did it while watching ZombieLand for the millionth time!

  5. I know about the like linen being for the tips. With my particular bottle the polish seems very runny, that's why I think it might be difficult. I'm still going to try, but probably next week, and I got a small brush to do the same thing you mentioned. I've redone my fingers like 3 times this week. The like linen is really nice on my toes by itself, and it is the most natural my toes have looked in months.

    As for wearing the brown nail polish on your hands out, I'm going to say I'm getting the itch to try that myself. I'm not going to do it to work, and probably not to any family or friends at this point though. I've got an Essie Midnight Cami super dark metallic blue that I think would work great on my fingers.

    The women at work have started to notice my fingers though. I'm getting them coming up to my cube and asking me if I got my nails done. They all like it so far. No reactions from any guys at this point, but most of my work friends are women.

  6. Most guys are not going to notice anything subtle. If they do they most have an interest in nails. I think a lot of women appreciate when a guy takes care of himself. As far as the like linen, it sucks to work with. BB Couture has a polish called "French tip for men". I want to get it.