Saturday, June 18, 2011

OPI - Yodel me on my cell

Daytime outside.
Night time with flash.

OPI- Yodel me on my cell
Today I parted with my Blue steel and zebra stripes pedicure. I was amazed with how it held up. Not a single chip in two weeks. BB Couture polish really holds up. My nail tech has figured out I am a sucker for nail art. She handed me the sample wheel as soon as I was in the chair. I swore I wasn't going to do it. But when we reached that point, she picked up the wheel and pointed to one she thought I would like. She picked the one I had thought about. She is a nail tech and a freekin psychic! Once again I really love it. My aunt told me that her nail tech was talking about what nice toenails I have.  I went in with a headache and left feeling great. It must have been a stress headache. Next pedicure, I swear I am not going to get nail art unless I give up on my diet coke habit. I need to drink more water anyway. Now we will see which addiction means more to me!


  1. That is seriously awesome. I've never gotten nail art. How much do they charge you above the normal pedicure price?

    I'm a Diet Pepsi drinker and I've been in your "flip flops" before on trying to switch to water mostly. It isn't worth it. If you are doing it to save money, just buy 12 packs at the store when they are on sale, don't buy them individually. Though that 20oz size is my FAVORITE dose, and since they are only sold singly you are screwed on trying to cheap out with them. Give up food or something else not as important, you gotta have your brown water fix and nail art!

  2. LOL, "brown water fix". That's funny. She charges $15 to do all ten toes. That drives the price from $26 to $41. I enjoy watching her work. Now that I am a single dad, there is even more on my shoulders with a teenage daughter. This is my "me time".

  3. I love that pedi, it looks awesome on you. I hate seeing some mens feet in flip flops all knarly nails eugh, I wish all men would look after their piggies and have them painted as beautifully as yours :)

  4. Thank you for the compliment, I'm glad you like it.

  5. OMG I Love~!!! I agree with Kris "this is seriously awesome"!!!