Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Showed gossip girl my pedi!

I couldn't believe it, I stood and talked to her in line at the movie theater and she didn't notice my bright red white and blue toes! Neither did my other co-worker I stood and talked to at church for five minutes. So, I finally took the bulls by the horns and said "I am surprised you didn't say anything". She said "about what" and I replied, "My 4th of July pedicure" and took off my shoe and sock. She was surprised and smiled. She didn't say anything negative. She knows I go to the salon for pedicures. We've discussed which salons we each go to before. This happened just before she punched out and went home. She starts work about 3 hours before me. Now lets see if anyone asks about it tomorrow! Another weight is lifted off my shoulders.