Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation with High school buddies.

My daughter and I are visiting my best friend from high school. I still consider him my best friend 30 years later. Also, my second best friend is flying with his family and we are all spending the week together. I am trying to decide if I should show up with my toes painted or talk them into getting pedicures with me. If they don't go for it, maybe my friends wife would be game. I really would like to find My Private Jet and get a pedicure with that polish. I have wanted it for a long time. They both have facebook and probably have seen my album labeled "My Toes". So I haven't been hiding it.  What do you think? Please leave me your opinions.


  1. did you find the island girl color change polishes? If only you came across an ABC store... haha

  2. Yes I did find them. Are they UV changing or mood/heat? We cant get them to work. Thanks for locating them for us!

  3. I think heat.. that's what alot of the others are.. I haven't tried them out yet tho