Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sephora - Never Enough Shoes

It was too boring without the stripes!

I was trying to capture the shimmer in the polish.

I picked this color up on my trip. I thought the multicolored micro glitter looked awesome. However, once on my toes, it just looks black. I asked my nail tech to do the silver stripes in order to not to be totally bored with it in one day. Now it looks like something to wear to a Oakland Raiders game. I am starting to think that choosing a polish for toes has to have different criteria than a polish for your nails. Since your feet are way down there on the ground, subtle shimmers are totally lost. I think toe nail polish has to have bigger glitter to be noticed. I hope OPI - My Private Jet fares better. I'll save this one for when I want to have painted nails. 


  1. I have been nail OCD as of late too. Been bored with just plain colors. I really liked how these turned out.

  2. It's like spicy food. As you get used to the heat, you kick it up a notch. If I have to be OCD about something, this pretty benign.