Saturday, October 8, 2011

BB Couture Bandito

Home Depot Lighting isle.

Outside in sunlight.

I took BB Couture Bandito and Apollo with me to my pedicure. I was originally going to use Apollo but, my nail tech confirmed what I had thought, Apollo is to light an orange for my skin tone. The polish is not as dark as shown on their website. I hope to find someone who will appreciate it.  I am happy that my nail tech is opening up a bit and suggesting nail art. The zebra stripes were my idea. They are not original but, I just like them. Next time I am going to let her suggest a design.

On another note, I struck up a conversation with friend of a friend. We were talking and she glanced down and saw my toes. It was funny because her reaction was very positive. It seemed like it didn't matter that it was on me, she just liked it. I think that should be the goal. It shouldn't matter what the sex of the person wearing it is. It is either cool looking or not. Either way, those kind of responses make my day.


  1. I always love when you do the zebra stripes. They always look great! Bandito is pretty-- kind of a blue purple?

  2. Hey Jim,

    Been a while since I commented. I have to say that this combination looks really cool. I was just thinking this morning that with Halloween coming up, and it being the only time, so far, of the year where guys won't get hassled for nail polish, what I was going to put on my fingers. I have yet to go outside with something on my fingers that couldn't be considered a nude tone. I'm thinking a dark silver metallic.

    I'd love to do acrylics, but that's a lot of trouble for just a weekend. I also think those are a pain to get off and ruin your real nails.

    You talk about your positive reactions when you go out, and that's great. Have you had any negative ones? I've found that people generally don't care or even notice when I'm in flip flops with nail polish on my toes. I am nervous around kids though, because I think they are liable to start pointing and laughing.


  3. Kris,
    I've had a couple of kids notice and look at my feet and then say something to who their with. Nothing really embarrassing. I get a bit of a kick when It messes with peoples heads. Because I dress like a regular guy and my demeanor isn't "gay", people that do notice are sometimes confused.

    On another note, I saw a pedicure on flicker you might want to consider for a mani or pedi. This guy had matte black polish with a silver spider web in the corner of his big toes. I am not a big fan of matte but this looked great. If there ever was a manly pedicure, that was it. I think it would be a safe bet for wearing out. You can buy the flat black from manglaze. Also, I bought a flat top coat from BB Couture. The top coat alows you to have the matte look with any polish.

  4. Jim!
    I recently did a post with some nail art on a guy!
    Check it out! I even linked to you in my post :)

  5. Thanks Leslie for the Guy post. I bet you could fit a whole scene on his big toes.

  6. I LOVE this combination!!!!! I think it looks great, and I love that you were taking polish pics in Home Depot! :)

  7. The lighting there was just perfect! I couldn't resist.