Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blaze - Sheer Bliss


As you can see, the polish just looks like a clear topcoat inside. I applied two coats of the Sheer Bliss. After I took this picture, I applied a coat of BB Couture Matte finish to knock down the shine. I actually like the shine but, I didn't want to draw attention to my nails. Tomorrow when it is sunny, I will take another similar picture in the sun. I will post the picture tomorrow night.  When I have the time I am going to experiment how this polish works in combination with other colors. I figured I would do the full mani first.

Check back to see the sunlight pictures. I'll also let you know if anyone catches me when the sun hits it.


  1. That's cool! I love it - it's like a stealth polish :-)

  2. Exactly! I thought I could work all day inside and no one would know and enjoy it outside. The only problem is that it was supposed to turn to "black ice". It looks more like purple yuk.

  3. try using 3-4 coats for this one, and the longer your in the sun the darker it gets

  4. Ok, I'll give it a try. I hope it works. thanks for the advice.