Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank You Johnny Depp

By Michael Stewart, Getty Images

Johnny Depp has created a stir with his blue nails that match his shirt. He also has been seen wearing a different color on each of his fingers. I love it because it brings the issue of nail polish not being just for women back into mainstream media. here is a link to the USA Today article: 

I also found at least three other news articles on the same subject. The USA Today poll had 67% of people voting "Awful" and 33% voting "Awesome". However, on another site the numbers were reversed. I didn't know Prince Harry has worn polish on his nails in public. If a royal can break from the mold, anyone can!

Thank you Johnny Depp for stirring the pot. 


  1. I agree, some men can rock hubby could use a manicure...but I could never see him wearing polish.

  2. You never know until you see it. If he is dressed casual and you choose a muted color. Maybe even a matte polish.

  3. I like this look on Depp!

    I am still getting used to men wearing polish. I like the idea, but if my father or boyfriend wore polish I would feel uncomfortable. I know I shouldn't, especially since I LOVE polish and don't have issues with people's sexuality or perceived sexuality. (Btw, I'm not saying men wearing polish is gay, but that is an assumption that many would make).

    I think if a man is fashion forward and trendy like Depp, it looks great. If someone like my dad or bf did it, it would just be weird since both are tshirt and jeans type of guys and I can't even get either to do a regular non polished MANicure!

  4. BTW... I gave you a blog award on my blog!
    I enjoy your blog and seeing what colors you choose. I also like reading about people's reactions to your nails! I think you are really cool and unique and thank you for sharing your nail life via this blog!

  5. Thank you Frankenstyna. I am a jeans and tshirt kinda guy. I like how it looks with my jeans and blue polished toes. I also like the grays by BB Couture. Blue steel is awesome and not girly at all. I am experimenting with the entire color pallet to find what I like. Thanks for reading about my adventures.