Saturday, May 5, 2012

OPI - Need Sunglasses

Outdoors, indirect sun

Indoors, CFL lighting
Did you ever have an idea for a manicure or pedicure and have it not live up to your vision? In its own rights this pedicure is nice. Being a relative noob, I didn't know that this yellow is a jelly (Laurie from Dressed up Digits set me straight). No wonder it didn't get totally opaque in two coats. I really wanted the black stripes to be bigger so that you get  a 50% Yellow and 50% black ratio (more of a bumble bee look). This just looks too anemic for my skin tone. On nice tanned feet it would look good.

My perspective on this pedicure may be a bit skewed by the total disaster of  my pedicure experience on Friday. We were on time and the took walk-in customers and filled up every chair. The said they were sorry but it will be at least a half an hour. They called a tech over from another shop to help out. I got stuck with her. I got the McDonalds drive-thru experience in pedicures. No sooner than the water shut off because it was full, she had my foot out of the water and went to work at pit crew speed. She was going so fast she jabbed me with the tool they use to dig stuff out from under your nails. She was aiming for the towel but grazed my foot. I don't even remember her pushing my cuticles back. If you zoom in on the pictures you can see a ridge of cuticle, which she painted! She was in such a rush massaging my legs, I thought she was going to pull all the hairs out of my legs. I never had anyone pull on my toes so much. I wanted to fart because it reminded me of the pull my finger joke. It took me and two girls next to me to get her to understand what I wanted. After she was done she practically ran out the door. It was apparent she hadn't wanted to come to this shop and wanted to hit the road ASAP. I told the owner I felt like I got a rush job. His English sucks too. He just kept apologizing for the late start. If it were not for the fact that I take my Aunt for her weekly appointments here, I would be trying somewhere else. One more shitty experience and I will drop her off and go for mine a couple of blocks away.

One positive, The girls next to me said they wished they could get their boyfriends to come with them for pedicures. The girl next to me like the flowers with rhinestone I had so much, she asked for that on her toes.

My diet change is still yielding good results. I feel better and take half the meds I used to take. I am hoping that once I trim down, I can do more of my own pedicures and spend the time to make them look like the picture in my head.


  1. Better luck next time you go for a mani/pedi!

  2. Sorry your experience sucked, but yay on taking fewer meds! I just started working out again this week now that the semester from hell is over. Hope I do as well as you!

  3. Sorry your experience was soo lame. Your toesies still look cute, and rofl at the tech pulling on your toes so much. XD

  4. Jim sorry your experience sucked but I still really like this peek!

  5. As the sting of the shitty evening fades, I appreciate the looks of the pedi more. It just goes to show you that the pedicure experience is as important at the end results.

  6. I've had pedi's like that. I think there are still some techs who really don't want to do a guys toes, but that's rare. But sounds like this one was just in to big of a hurry to care. It took me some time to find a shop that does a good job, and they speak decent english. Not great but not as bad as some, and they are very friendly. Hope it goes better soon.

    And my wife can attest to the health benefits of losing weight. Since she met me, she has lost over 110 lbs, all without extreme diets, pre packaged food or extreme exercise. She's even started her own blog about it (if anyone wants the info, contact me)

    1. Feel free to post a link to her blog. I think them calling her to come from the other salon messed up her getting out of there on a Friday night. I didn't sense that it was because I was a guy. I go there every two weeks, so my feet are in better shape then a lot of the ladies feet that I see in there.