Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WTF? Pure Ice Nasty Girl for Pink Wednesday

My big paws make the bottle look tiny.

I like catchy names for polishes, but they really need to have some connection to the actual polish color. "Nasty Girl" couldn't be further from the truth with this polish. It is a sheer pink with a pretty shimmer to it. It should be named "Angel Girl". I bought this when I was on my subtle shade hunt to please the polish police. If it weren't for the shimmer, I might as well have not worn polish at all. Since tomorrow is pink Wednesday, I decided this would be my first color to participate. IMHO, It actually looks nice on my cleaned up hands. I put just one coat to keep it super sheer. The shimmer will give me something to look at work.

This Friday is my pedicure, I bought OPI Need Sunglasses to use in combination with another color. I might get black tiger stripes on top or some other contrasting color to tone it down a bit. I realized all I need is a red creme and I could get a skittle pedi. I'll save that for doing myself. They seem to get pissy if you want them to use more than one polish. It will probably be a game time decision on what I end up with on Friday.



  1. That name definitely doesn't fit the polish lol! It would probably look really pretty over a black or darker-colored creme.

    1. See that's where I am so clueless, it would never occur to me to try something like that. I guess i won't be a noob forever. I just need to try stuff to see what works.

  2. So much about this post makes me laugh--first of all you wearing Nasty Girl and yest the pic of you holding the bottle totally cracked me up! My son has huge hands and feet--size 15 like you for feet and all I can think of when I see this pic is big man little coat skit with Chris Farley and David Spade from SNL. This color does look really good on you though for Pink Wednesday. As for the pedi on Friday I would love to see yellow with black tiger stripes1

  3. This one's all about reverse psychology. :) It looks great on you!