Sunday, October 21, 2012

BB Couture for Men - Night Ops

I think this one captures it best.

Daytime Over Cast

Direct Sunlight

Ignore the camping toilet int corner!
This is one of my early purchases from when I first got into polish. I found a great selection of colors that were geared towards guy in the BB Couture for Men polish line. This one is called Night Ops. It is a really dark greenish blue with lots of shimmer buried in the polish. I would classify it as a jelly. it required two nice even coats, or three with my skill level. I am mesmerized buy this polish, it looks like I'm looking into it. I think that is why the light is so important in how it changes. I haven't yet figured out the best light or angles to show this polish. It randomly shows me how awesome it is when I am going about my work.I just hope people don't catch me staring at them! I can't believe how freeking big my thumb nail looks in these pictures! It just seems disproportionately large. I might have to change my name to Hagrid!

I hope to try out another of the Shades of Grey collection from BB Couture next.


  1. I rediscovered it now that I paint my nails. It was too dark for my toes. You couldn't really see how nice it is from that far away.

  2. Nice color for your fingers. It also looks like your nails are growing out nicely with the overlay! Mine grow out fine except for one that splits. My issue is that with all the work I do with my hands, I usually break one or two then cut the rest out of frustration.

    1. So far I have been lucky and have not broke one. If I do, I'll just go have her fix it by putting a tip on. If I am going to have acrylic, I want them to all be the same length. Net time I go, the goal is to even them up to be the same.