Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saved some green!

BB Couture Studio 54

BB Couture Green Goblin
China Glaze Teal Ombre set

 As you can see, green has been brought front and center with St. Patrick's day this month. Also BB Couture was having a 1/2 price sale on all greens. I am a huge fan of BB Couture polishes. My picture doesn't do Green Goblin justice.  It has been rainy and dreary for a week, so no good sunlight to bring out the color. I think Studio 54 is an awesome green shimmer. It went on so easy, it made me look like I knew what I was doing! I still have one new green to try. With my order, I received a free bottle of BB Couture Blue Christmas. She used a picture I took of the color when I wore it around Christmas. It was discontinued and she has brought it back. Here is a link to my picture Blue-Christmas. It is a favorite of mine and a couple of my daughters friends. Between us the bottle was getting kind of low. The last picture was for a Sunday challenge in Adventure in Stamping group on Facebook. People really liked it.

BB Couture is having a contest for sexy toes (men's and women's), so think about entering the contest to win a provocative T-shirt and their new top coat. I haven't decided what polish to use for my entry. What would be considered a sexy color on a guys toes? Do I go bold and bright or go for a deeper more masculine color. For women that like a guy that wears polish, what would they like. I like just about all colors depending on my mood.


  1. If am not wrong the first one in aqua colour right? I love this blog. Found more different female accessories here.

    1. Is it a greenish blue or bluish green? Either way I like it.

    2. Hi all. Been a polish addict since a teenager on my toes. Im 45 now. Heavilly tattooed, looong hair, a biker and LOVE NAIL POLISH. I have only started wearing polish in public with friends about 2-3 years ago and have never looked back nor have i ever received any negative comments. I have gotten sooo good at it that i have surpassed ALL my female friends manicures in terms of finish and application and neatness. As a hetero male i cant even explain how this feels. Im also a sign and vehicle custom painter and pinstriper for bikes so i have dealt with EVERY color possible. Would love to get into stamping and have no clue where to start. I think the stamping will take my nails to the next level and i want to know where to start. What beginner stamping kit to buy? Can i use any polish?( i have over 220 colors now) can i get a stamping kit at my local Sally Beauty Supply or online?

    3. I would start with a set from Bundlemonster.com. I also like Cheeky Jumbo plates. I use an old gift card for a scraper. Many regular polishes stamp well. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes usually work good. Any really opaque polish that is a one to two coat polish should work. You will also need a stamper. Search Amazon for "XL stamper". Youtube has many awesome video how to's for stamping. Good luck! If you get into it, there are stamping groups on facebook.