Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween 2015

I have been trying my new Bundle Monster Halloween plates over the past two weeks. I have neglected all my other plates. I am about burnt out on Halloween and it isn't here yet! I have had some breakage so all my nails are not the same length. I'll let them catch up. I am not one to chop them all off when one breaks. I get so busy with other stuff that I forget to post here.

Life as a male polish wearer has been good. It makes me happy that some people look forward to see what I have done today. Others just totally ignore it. This is how it must be for the ladies that love polish and nail art. I am traveling back to my home town for Thanksgiving. I haven't decided what to wear on my nails. They will be polished. If they weren't, I'd feel like a fraud. I am fully committed to doing what I love. Most people are on my friends list so it won't be a shock. I am more worried about having gained the weight I lost back and looking fat. My fight with my blood sugar has me taking more insulin and that seems to help me gain weight(not that I needed help). My visit will be my chance to eat all the things I have missed since moving to Hawaii. I guess I'll pack extra insulin for the trip. :)


  1. I especially like the black and silver mani and the jack o lanterns. Of course all the designs are awesome and great to see.

    Oh man having different length nails bugs me but my nails are short so trimming them isn't a big deal. I can imagine with long nails one must consider the months and care it took to get them that way.

    I'd like seeing all your manis. Lately I've been focusing on crocheting birthday and xmas gifts. Yarn and wet or soft polish don't mix well.

    For Thanksgiving I think I'll wear a cooked pumpkin color. Hmm or maybe clear polish with pumpkin colored french tips and then stamp some metallic lacy print over it all. I'll look forward to seeing what you do.

    Ooh or pumpkin colored nails with metallic gold french you've got me thinking!

    Say have you read about that vietnamese cinnamon and milk thistle pairing that's supposed to help with blood sugar?

    Take care and happy Halloween!

  2. I like your nail design! Thanks for your creative ideas. You know, nail art manicure has become my hobby once I tried professionally done manicure being on vacation in Ibiza. Now, I`ve become a guy who wears nail polish regularly:)

    1. It is fun and addicting. I find it relaxing. It helps me unwind. I usually do it while watching TV.