Friday, June 3, 2016

Rainbow illusions

MoYou Illusions collection

Hello friends! I did this rainbow mani for a nail art challenge. I had no idea I was going to love it so much. What you put on your nails before the stamping can make a world of difference. I have used this image before and liked the results. However, with this rainbow base under the stamping, it is ten times more awesome. I painted my nails white white some cheap Sinful Colors polish and then sponged on the rainbow colors with makeup sponges. I then stamped using my old faithful white squishy stamper from FabUrNails. I have never done a rainbow mani before. I know some people think I must be gay for always having painted nails. I had figured if I wore anything rainbow, that would confirm their suspicions. I have decided that is not a good reason to not do it. People are going to think what they want anyway. I already wear any color that a women would wear. My last mani was a coral with yellow flower stamping (See Below). I will wear black with skulls on occasion, but it isn't really me. I actually really like pinks,reds, purples and all the colors in between. Nail art has made me appreciate all the hard work people put into making really special manis. Like my mani below, some of the ladies would take the time to color in parts of the flowers to add that little extra. I often don't have the patience to go that extra mile.

If anyone has any questions about stamping, feel free to ask. I had lots of help from wonderful bloggers and the Facebook stamping community. I would love to pay it forward.



  1. LOVE the rainbows! Nice job.

  2. Hi Jim! Glad you're enjoying Hawaii's finest nail polish! Would you like to have some friends in Oregon?


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