Sunday, March 26, 2017

Learning to do Acrylic nails

My nails with out acrylic extensions.

Did some stamping the other day on my last set of nails.
OPI "Give Me Space" is the polish I am wearing.

My new Nail drill for doing acrylic nails.

Hello Friends,

Since starting my nail polish adventure a number of years ago, I have learned to do nail art and do a pretty good job polishing my nails.  My natural nails are very weak and always break. So, for the a while I just polished my short nails. That was fine until I got into nail art and joined groups with nail art challenges. My short nails kind of limited me on designs and gave less room for the art. This started me down the road of wanting longer nails. I had acrylics done by a local salon for a bit, but that got to be too expensive on top of my pedicures every other week. Since I am diabetic, I like to keep my feet in good shape.  I also am tall and can't reach my own feet very well to polish them myself.  This has led me to attempting to do my own nails with acrylic. I bought a starter kit from Sally's beauty supply. I watched some great YouTube videos and pay attention in nail groups. All I can say is practice, practice, practice!  I am getting better with each set i do on myself. I ordered some fake fingers to practice on, but they haven't arrived yet.  I also decided to order the nail drill shown above.  The black looks very retro and industrial, which really appealed to me. The nail drill is only needed to speed up the process, it isn't really needed. I got tired of all the hand sanding to shape the nails. That will decrease as my application gets better. The ladies on YouTube lay the acrylic down almost perfectly and require little filing. I will get a finger come out nice like that once in a while, but for the most part I have to work to get the shape right.

On the aspect of a guy wearing nail enhancements, I get a comment on how long my nails are getting from female coworkers on occasion, but nothing really negative. The compliments on polish and nail art are more the norm,  Since I have been wearing polish for at least 4 years now, people have gotten over it. The most important part is I have gotten over caring if it bothers people. I love it and it is my body. The same as people with body art and peircings. It is their body and it isn't hurting anyone.

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