Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sorry I've been absent so long.

This is me now that my hair has grown out

It has been a while. Life gets busy and priorities change.  My nails are always still painted, but I haven't done much nail art lately.  I had been watching youtube a lot learning to take care of longer hair.  As my hair has grown out, it has decided to be curly.  So I am learning how to deal with that so it looks good and not a mess. I have also been experimenting with different degrees of makeup.  I turn 60 next year and really don't want to look it. 

Below are my nails for the last few month.  I wanted to grow my own nails out but it just isn't in the cards.  I have tried Biotin and many nail grow systems and they are always thin and peel.  I have gone to getting acrylic done.  I still love that women will comment on your nails if they like them.  They will grab my hand which used to freak me out.  I'm not a real touchy feely type.  Guys just ignore them.

Temperature changing acrylic nail set

China Glaze Frostbite

Same acrylic set backfilled with black

The snake skin is Color Street nail polish strips


  1. Yay! Nice to see you blogging again. I like the long hair. The texture looks nice. As mine grows out the gray ones go absolutely wild, lol

  2. Hi I think you have wonderful hands and beautiful nails for a male. I think it is great that you love nails like I see in your photos. I also being a male love having long and painted nails. It would be great if I had a way to show you photos but maybe I can find a way.