Sunday, January 10, 2021

I still love polish!


My current color


In the past year I have been busy at work and also with my new hobby of ham radio.  I still wear polish 365 days a year, but I haven't been doing it myself.  I have been getting my acrylic fills and gel polish mani's done by a wonderful nail tech named Regina.  The gel polish holds up so well even with using my hands a lot doing my biomedical technician job.

My Christmas nails

I love that people have accepted me wearing polish.  It is fun talking polish with some of the nurses and patient care technician's.  It is a good diversion from all the politics and Covid-19 deaths and sickness.  I got my first vaccination a week ago since I am a healthcare worker.  I hope they get the vaccine to the general public ASAP.

Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask!


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  1. They are both beautiful on you. That red is super delicious! :)