Saturday, May 14, 2011

My daughter teased me I was being daring today.

Today my oldest daughter graduated from college. I knew my soon to be ex-wife would be there and I still wore my sandals exposing my painted toes. Later on while we were waiting for the oldest to come out for pictures, my daughter said "your being daring today". I looked at her funny and she motioned with her eyes towards my feet. I said I knew it would annoy her mom, so that was a bonus! We both smiled. (I have full custody of my daughter) I am totally committed to not let others determine what I can or can't do when it comes to something that should be a personal preference. Thousands of people there and no one said anything or even gave me a funny look. My daughter isn't exactly a conformist either. She likes to wear funny hats that look like animals. She finds them in Hot topic and Spencer's gifts. I have often seen them on Japanese girl tourists. So when she first questioned my painting my toes, I explained it was no different then what she does and she seems to have accepted my explanation.


  1. love all the cute and empowering stories you tell :D

  2. Thanks, It helps me and I hope others may gain something from it.

  3. Congratulations on graduating your daughter.

    I loved your comment.

    "I said I knew it would annoy her mom, so that was a bonus! We both smiled."

    So, what color were you wearing?

  4. I was wearing BB Couture "Night Ops". It looks almost black in most lights. I wish it had been Something brighter for our meeting, like Neon orange!