Sunday, June 26, 2011

How my addiction to polish started.

I was asked by a follower named George, how I got started with polish. Here is the history:

I remember at around ten years old messing around with my cousins nail polish after everyone was asleep. So, my interest is deep rooted. My first girl friend painted my toes one time when she was doing hers, and thought I didn't know she was doing it; I did and was loving it. Later I would ask my wife to painted my toes after I did hers. During our separation, my soon to be Ex-wife has tried to embarrass me by telling all our common friends that I am a cross-dresser and that I am gay. That is when I had an epiphany, She can only hurt me if I let her. If someone thinks I'm gay, so what. I am not homophobic. I know I am not gay. But it is true I like polish and decided not to hide it anymore. By wearing polish openly, I don't have to worry if my future girl friend will accept my interest. She will know before hand and can decide if she is ok with it or not. I am happier being able to wear polish and not hide it.  I also have full custody of my 14 year old daughter. Polish is an interest we both share. We have fun experimenting with polish, nail art and water marbling. We are learning together.


  1. Sounds pretty much like my story Jim.

    I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago and this guy with huge grommets in his ears and full sleeve and pant tattoos was waiting. I was thinking to myself, this guy has done a ton of permanent changes to his body, and he wears it out openly. Wearing nail polish seems like less than 1% of that and yet guys who like nail polish tend to hide it.

    I got a pedicure with my wife this weekend and got Spa Ritual's Rhythm of Life, which is a fairly bright green metallic. The nail tech, who normally doesn't make any comments on my feet afterwards (probably to avoid embarrassing me) said that they look absolutely beautiful, and she's right, they do. I was happy to wear them outside in flip flops as we walked to the car and then went out to eat at an outdoor restaurant.

    I'm thinking of painting my fingers red white and blue for the 4th and wearing that out. I'm still not going to go beyond neutral whites pinks and beiges and shimmers on my fingers at work though, since I have a "professional" finance job. I wish I could though, and realistically I could if I wanted to, since we "embrace diversity" here, but I'm not *that* much of an attention seeker.

  2. My daughter are planning to do Red white and Blue for the 4th. I will use BB Couture polishes for men so I can enter it into their contest. I don't get it, polish seems so insignificant compared to Tatoos, Piercing, and especially large grommets in the ears.

  3. oh that's really nice. i think that we really should not get affected by people who only want to bring us down.

    my addiction to nail polish started when i realized that when i do my designs, however simple they are, they make me forget about everything else. then i also realized how lucky i was to have found nail art.

    i hope u get to visit my blog too

  4. Kate, I love your blog. I am now following. You are awesome with using konad. Your designs are terrific. My daughter and I may need a few pointers. We have had a little trouble with konad. Nail art is creative and can be very rewarding hobby.

  5. hey jim. i used to do a lot of free hand myself but sometimes finding inspiration can be hard haha.

    thanks for following. i love new friends!

    just let me know what i can do to help. maybe i will post one on tips just for you :)

    but for the record, i am also a work in progress ha ha.

  6. nail polish is fun! so is the art too....glad you can share it with your daughter....
    check my blog out sometime! have a good day!

  7. hey jim. i already did a post on stamping tips for you. believe it or not this is the first time ive ever seen or heard of a man doing his nails and i just love the idea! will be back here for more!!!

    my hubby is a terrible nail biter so he lets me put black polish on his nails. sometimes when i absolutely love my mani, he lets me do his nails as well. even lets me post photos too.


  8. my addiction started when my mum got me a pink and a purple glitter polish one year for my birthday (i was really young) and every year after that for a special event i really wanted a new polish. and then my collection grew and grew, and now im completely obsessed with them.

  9. Hi Jim I am passing these awards to you, because of course I love your long toes. But also because how creative you are with them painted!