Saturday, June 25, 2011

BB Couture - Impact Driver at the beach.

Daylight at Beach

I wore this color to the beach this morning to go for a swim before the sun got too strong. I burn real easy. As you can see this color is a grayish blue. The funny thing is, as soon as i got in the water it looked light purple. I must have taken my hand in and out of the water a dozen times. There must be some purple in there that comes out under certain lighting. I don't usually wear polish on my fingers. I just do it when the mood strikes me on the weekend. I hope to someday be able to do it anytime, although I am not sure I am ready for the up keep. My fingers take a beating at work. Clear polish is all chipped by the end of one day at work. I hate seeing chipped polish on anyone. 


  1. nice! your soooo coool!! love it! ;) by the way im a new follower :)

    visit my blog :)

  2. Thanks Neelai. I am following you too!

  3. It was fun wearing polish on my fingers. I am going to have them painted next time I get a manicure with my pedicure. Should be good fun!

  4. omg u got nicer hands than me lol. i hate chipping polishes too and i could be so anal about it as well.

    im doing a post for u. check my blog later :)

  5. Thanks, If you ever saw my hands in person, you wouldn't be so kind. In real life they are very beat up. Both my daughters have gone through stages of wearing chipped nail polish and I can't stand it. My 14 year old has some really nice nails, yet she walks around with them all ratty. Grrr