Thursday, June 2, 2011

OPI - Mermaid tears


Inside (blurry)

I tried my daughters Mermaid tears to see what it would look like on my feet. I thought it would look a little girly, but I actually liked it. I really like the pictures I have seen with silver shatter on top.

Tomorrow is payday, which means it is pedicure day! I am actually going to get a manicure also. My nails and cuticles are a mess. I was thinking of taking BB Couture "Blue Steel" to my mani/pedi.  If I get brave enough, I will have her put it on both my toes and fingers. I have never had a professional manicure with color before. I could leave it on all weekend. We are going shopping afterwards. I've wondered how long it would last. The clear I wear gets all scratched up at work in one day. What chance does a color have?  I've daydreamed about wearing polish to work. That would be the final breaking free of the social pressures to conform. I don't even think I would want to have to be fixing my nails all the time; just the idea that I could, if the spirit moves me.


  1. The pic has a yellowish cast on my Droid, so it's hard for me to judge. I do get wanting to wear polish to work though. I feel your pain.(Don't let the "i" at the end of my name fool you, I'm a little atypical. You can check my blog if you're interested in the details.)

    Today is "casual day" at my office, and I'm wearing my new Teva sandals, looking down at my plain toes and getting depressed. I'm thinking of getting a French pedi in Boston Bruins colors (black base with gold tips,) for the Stanley Cup finals. I'd love showing those off in public. :)

  2. Bobbi, I took a new picture for you to get a better look. There are two places I have not exposed my painted toes, Work and Church. The reason is that it would be too many people all at once. I am waiting to run in to a coworker in the store or at the beach and let it get out that way. I have even wore my sandals in to the 7-11 around the corner from work hoping I'd run in to someone. I will totally out my polish addiction very soon. I already feel empowered by being able to go out to stores and not even think about it. I like the way it looks and that is all that should matter. I also get depressed when I hide my feet.

  3. The second pic's much better, but that shade just doesn't work for me. (I see seafoam and i think of bridesmaid dresses selected by Bridezilla.) ;) I just added a shot of my toes as my profile pic... If i remember correctly, it was OPI's Koala Bear-e... but it might have been Orly's Purple Crush. They're pretty close, and i can't remember which one i went with. I did them in honor of Jenna and Beckett Lyons. :)

  4. Bobbi, I wanted to see what it would look like. I am not sure I would use it again unless it was in combination with silver shatter. I am not sure I would sport Koala Bear-e around town. It is a pretty color. I have been tempted to ask for the bright orange for the fun of it. It would be fun to see the reactions I get. Because, in general, I get no reactions at all. But like I have said before, I wear polish for my enjoyment. It lifts my spirits.

  5. I'm not really crazy about thid green. I am wearing "Stranger Tides" right now, and really don't like it either. Think I'm getting ready to do a major league giveaway of the stuff, "old and new", that I just never wear.

  6. Kevin, I already have a few that I was disappointed in once I tried them. Over time the rejects start to pile up. Both Skull & Glossbones and Mermaid Tears didn't do it for me. I will revisit them if I ever get the silver shatter.