Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can't wait to show off my 4th of July pedi at church.

Tomorrow I'm going to display my toes proudly. I hope to run into my church going co-workers. My daughter and I went to the movies this afternoon. While waiting in line a female co-worker came up to us to ask what movie we were waiting to see. She didn't say anything about my toes. She must not have noticed. I wish she had, she is the biggest gossip in the entire facility! When I return to work on Tuesday, I will know if she saw or not.


  1. It's funny, no one said anything. I even stood and talked with a co-worker. She didn't notice or just didn't want to say anything. Either way, I am comfortable enough to wear my sandals just about anywhere.

  2. hi hi. like a big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. im excited to hear what happens on tuesday :)

    maybe gel tips would help you with chipping. gel was my last option. my nails used to be so weak and brittle. that it would reach a certain length and then one by one they'd chip or break, i hated it. then a friend of mine suggested orly's calcuim shield. if you havent tried that, then i suggest you try it first. since ive used that, my nails have necome really strong and they didn't chip anymore. i only cut my nails because they were turning yellow. i left the pinkie untouched because i wanted to see how long orlys calcium shield will keep on helping me. hope this helps.

  3. Kate, I am actually looking forward to Tuesday. I want to see if the gossip girl did her work for me! I will definitely post tomorrow night. I will look for the calcium shield. Thanks Jim.