Friday, August 19, 2011

I want to submit a new entry in the BB Couture contest.

The only problem is that I will have to take the blue awesomeness off! The rules of the contest state it must be BB Couture for men polish and it must be used in combination with another of their polishes. I bought Bullfighter for a 4th of July pedi, but I have never worn red in public before. I want to combine it with one of their silvers. I will add pictures when I am done. Wish me luck!

Last night was a total fail! I did ok putting the base color on. When I was putting the silver accent color on, I messed up what I had already done. I need to do it in two steps. I need to put the base color on and watch a movie, then go back and add the other color. I'll try again today after I'm done with work around the house.

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