Friday, September 30, 2011

Relaxing manicure

I took my aunt to her manicure appointment. It was slow there, so I decided to get one myself. The hand massage hurt but felt good at the same time. All the arthritic joints felt better afterwards. Too much abuse from years of football and other sports. I decided just to get clear this time. She asked me if I wanted color. I was tempted but decided against it. They dont have any colors there I would want on my hands to wear in public.


  1. I hate when salons have no good colors to choose from!

  2. I do too!!!! I just bring a couple of mine just incase. I NEED something fun for accent nail!! Just bought the China Glaze 4 pack Haunting collection today!!! It's Alive is amazing. Thinking of starting a blog my collection is getting larger mine as well share pix no?

  3. Sure, it is great to see pictures of polishes. I like seeing the colors that other guys like.