Monday, October 3, 2011

I am ready for a new pedicure.

I haven't been able to bring myself to remove lizard belly. It has held up for almost two weeks and still no signs of wear. It is really annoying to see where your nail has grown out. I don't usually wear the same polish that long. It really drives me crazy to see women with their nail having grown out so much that most of their toe isn't polished anymore. If you don't care enough to worry how bad it looks, why did you polish them in the first place. Both my daughters went through phases of having chipped up polish and it drove me nuts. I'd tell them either fix it or take it off. Thank god my oldest now takes care of her nails and is getting good at nail art.

Speaking of nail art, It has been a couple of months since I had any done. I've been bummed my favorite nail tech is gone. However, I was pleased to find out she is getting married and will be going back to Vietnam for the wedding. She was so creative and always tried to talk me into letting her put some art on my toes. I am going to have to see if her replacement is any good at it. I have no idea when the new BB Couture polishes will show up. I cant wait to try them.

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