Saturday, December 10, 2011

Avon - Grey Cement

This is the first of the three Avon matte polishes I purchased. Grey Cement went on pretty easy. It dries quick, so you can't go back over the polish. Matte polishes are not very forgiving as far as showing defects in your nails or application. I have nothing bad to say about the polish. I've decided I am not that fond of matte finishes. I like my cars to shine, why wouldn't I want my nail to shine. The sales person at Trade Secret asked what I was wearing. She has always been very supportive and treats me like any other polish addict.

It was a good outing with my nails painted. However, I had to take off the matte polish and put something else on. I decided to go with BB Couture Egotistical from their Sinfully Polished collection. It is a dark purple.  It is the funkiest polish I have ever worn on my nails. I hope to wear it for the next couple of days, unless I trash them some how.  I applied the Seche Ultra-V UV top coat to protect them.

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