Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seche Ultra-V, UV activated topcoat

In an effort to find a way to make polish last more than a few hours without chipping, I decided to try Seche Ultra-V top coat. I also purchased their hand held UV lamp. I figured it would yield a tougher layer of protection for my nails. My first attemp went well. I applied a base coat of Nail Envy for sensitive and peeling nails; that was followed by two coats of BB Couture Jealousy. I applied the Ultra-V to my four fingers and cured them for 3 minutes under the lamp. I then did the other four fingers. Lastly, I did my thumbs. So the whole process only took nine minutes with the lamp. I Like the hand help UV light. I was able to walk around and wasn't bound to the table. The polish seemed rock hard immediately after taking them out of the light. This means not waking up with an imprint of thread patterns from sheets. I made it through a grocery trip and planting some seeds without messing them up so far. I hope to use it on top of the Nail Envy during the week to protect my nails from all the hand washing required by my job. If I can get my nails to stop peeling and not look like I bite them, I will be very happy.
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UPDATE: I applied the Ultra-V over my Nail Envy to protect them during the week. It has done a good job so far. Usually by Wednesday, I would have to redo my nails. I only had to touch up a nail I jammed while working on some equipment.

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  1. Update: I made it all day until I scrubbed a pot with a steel wire thing. That was dumb of me. I need to keep in mind things that are polish killers.