Saturday, December 3, 2011

OPI - Who Are You Wearing?

Posted by Picasa Overcast skies, can't see the reddish glitter.

I let my nail tech pick a color today. She is good at knowing what will look good or not. If I hand her something that she thinks will not look right, she will let me know. I really like her honesty and sincere interest in how my feet look. The above color is OPI - Who Are You Wearing. This is an old polish (as is all their polishes). Their poor selection of polishes just feeds my desire to buy polishes. If it were not for blogging, I have enough polishes that I really don't need to buy any for a long time. All the other wonderful bloggers post awesome pictures that make me want more. In fact, my daughters friends are now coming to her to ask to borrow polishes they saw of mine. I was hoping it wasn't one of my favorites. It was Military Blues by BB Couture.


  1. I think I like this color-- the base seems kind of purplish to me-- in any case, it looks nice!

    Also, I was at a meeting on Friday and one of the male graduate students was wearing nail polish. It was blue and I didn't get the chance to ask him about it. First time I've seen someone in my work environment who's not a woman wearing polish, but I was happy he was wearing it!

  2. Hey cat, I have since taken a picture in the sun. I will add it to the post. That's great he was wearing polish and it wasn't black.