Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dirty hands and Fuggen Uggly nails!

My hands are all dirty from tearing this machine apart. However, the polish didn't look out of place on my dirty hands. Fuggen Uggly is about the same color as the carbon dust that is all over my hands. If I were wearing a pretty blue, it would look out of place. If there ever was a working guy, get your hands dirty polish, this is it! The amazing part is that it held up to a day of work with out getting mangled. Two dirty thumbs up for this polish!


  1. I'm glad to see you are wearing polish on your hands more and more! Not just toes!

    1. I was surprised that only one person said something and he was a friend. He didn't seem to care. I sill am not used to seeing my nails polished.

  2. Just to update everyone, My nails stayed nice until the third day. That is awesome for me, considering I worked and cleaned out the garage during that period. Any other polish has been toast after a couple of hours in the garage.