Thursday, October 4, 2012

Copy Cat Nails

The scales show up better in the sun.

 My friend Laurie from Dressed up Digits posted a mani on Facebook that she thought I would love and should try. Even though my current polish was still in perfect shape, I couldn't resist attempting to duplicate her awesome work. She has been helping me with ideas for nail art that isn't girlie. Now that I have the acrylic overlays on my nails, my polish doesn't chip at the ends. They were so weak before that just griping something would cause the end of the nail to flex enough to cause the polish to chip off the end. I am still getting used to the feeling of them. It reminds me of how I could feel polish on my nails when I first started painting them. I am sure I will get used to it. I will go for my first fill this weekend. That will be a new experience. I can't wait to show her this mani.

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