Saturday, October 6, 2012

BB Couture - Briquette

Fun early Halloween toes.
Hope everyone's weekend is going well! I got some nail mail yesterday. I ordered the new BB Couture 6 Shades of Gray collection.I decided to take this one with me to my first fill of my nails. The nail tech really liked this color and the application was so easy. Two coats was all that was get a nice even coverage. I can't wait to try the other five polishes. This whole collection is really good for me. They are light to medium grays. Everytime I wear a darker color, people think it is black and I'm trying to be goth or something.One nice feature of this polish is the scattered shimmer that adds some interest to the color. I don't know why glitter has to be a woman's domain. If I can put it on my car, I should be able to put it on my nails!

So I mentioned I went for my first fill of my acrylic overlays, it was an enjoyable experience. I love chatting while she does her work. We talked about our kids and how we both transplanted to Hawaii. I have to admit, half the fun in going to the salon is the interaction with the nail techs; this is the main reason I went to a salon that is not run by non-English speaking people. Last night when I went with my aunt to our pedicure appointments at her favorite place, I got so annoyed when I couldn't get the lady to say the amount of the bill. I had forgot my reading glasses and am blind without them to read. We had to get the owner over to finally get the amount. The only redeeming quality of the place is the young nail tech that is totally into nail art. I am a big fan of hers. She did the art on my toes above. We always have fun deciding what to do. I'll keep going there as long as my aunt is still with us, then I will move to the place where I get my nails done. My nail polish addictions is my only real vice, I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, so it is in the entertainment part of my budget. If I smoked a pack a day I would spend four times that much. If I went to a bar once a week, I would still spend a lot more. Perfect I have now just justified my spending on polish and pampering!

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  1. Hey Jim! I followed you back to your blog. :) Thank you for your sweet comment on mine (oncebittennails).
    I love how Briquette looks on you. I do adore BB's Six Shades of Gray. I have several other colors of theirs that I haven't swatched yet.