Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am embracing the path taken!

Since moving from only wearing polish on my toes to pretty much wearing my nails polished all the time, I have come to the realization that I enjoy it and am not going to be made to feel bad about my choice. I want people to see my nail art. It may not be as good as the experts, but it wows a lot of people I run into.

Simple stamping over a polish with gradient.
I was complimented on the above mani by at least three women today. Most want to know how I did it or think it is those peel and stick nail strips. I am striving to get good enough to be able to create designs that my peers in Adventures in Stamping will love. There are so many little techniques to master. I am so much better at gradients than I was only a month ago. Developing an eye for what works is taking some time.

Friday I go for my next fill, my nails are almost the length I desire. I've been wanting them just to the end of my finger so I don't end up getting polish on the skin at the free edge. In the past there was no actual free edge, so wrapping the tips was impossible without painting my fingers. Now they just need to grow enough so we can get them all neat and the same length. If my nails are going to be my canvas, they should look good.

Lincoln Park After Dark with gold stamping.


  1. I think your nails look great. I love that you want to do nail art, and that you enjoy it. There shouldn't be a stigma about it--if men want to wear it and wear nail art have at it. I find it SO funny some women are opposed to yet YET when they tell me this they are wearing slacks or jeans. Back in the day it was frowned upon for women to wear pants lol!

  2. Good point Laurie. I'm happy and having fun!

  3. I have just painted my toe nails for the first time in a bronze colour much to the wifes dismay.