Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BB Couture - Puce

This is the second polish I have tried from BB Coutures "Six shades of Grey" Collection.  I like the Holographic particles that are scattered through out the polish. There is just enough to add a little interest to the polish without taking the focus away from the color. I had to debate whether a second coat was even necessary. Shown is two coats with SV topcoat. In the LED lighting I used to take the pictures, it looks more brown than grey. I will add a picture in sunlight in the morning.  I find this color to be very unique and another polish that will be a great addition to my daily wear polishes. In my opinion, this collection would be equally appropriate for their mens or womens line of polishes.

In summary, this is a unique polish, with a great formula, that is terrific for fall or anytime.


  1. so nice to see your blog again! ^_^ it is so nice to see that you started to make designs too, great job!! ^_^ if you have an IG you can follow me @neelai14 hehe i am more updated on IG than blogger, hehe ^_^

  2. Jim, when you go to the nail salon, do you leave on your polish for the nail tech to remove or take it off yourself before you get there? I only ask because I'll be getting color on my next visit instead of the usual clear.

    1. I let them do it. It is part of the normal msnicure or pedicure process. Also, if you are weating color when you come in the will assume you want color put back on.

  3. I need to proof read when replying from my phone.