Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WetPaint Nail Glaze

 WetPaint Lewd over OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
I saw a Facebook post about The new glazes by Wetpaint Nail Glaze System. I followed the link to their site to check out the products. However, I still wasn't sure how they would actually look over regular polish. I posted a comment mentioning my questions. Rita at WetPaint offered to send me a few to try. I think it shows they have faith in their product by sending it to someone who was openly a little skeptical. The above picture is Lewd layered over the Suzi Says feng Shui. I love that it is not opaque and adds some depth to the finish. I was afraid it would be streaky like other sheer polishes I have tried, but it totally wasn't.

In future posts I will try their nail glazes over other polishes and especially over some glitters. I have a feeling these glazes will make some awesome Jelly Sandwiches! Sorry for the short post but I just had to share my initial swatch of this product. I have Lewd (PurpleZ), Loco (Blue), Anguish (Green), and Willful (Yellow) to swatch.

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  1. Hi!

    Just found your blog via wandering around, lost, on reddit :)

    I had never heard of WetPaint systems, thanks for sharing (learn something new)! However, I haven't seen a follow up post. What is the "wear" like on these? I figure if an expert nail stylist and a luxury paint guy got together to make this brand, they'd mention something about wear on the website (yep, I read the about page)... I'd love to hear your experience about the wear on this polish. I'm awfully rough on my nails, so I'm looking for a good sturdy polish!