Saturday, June 8, 2013

Burning up!

Since getting my Custom nails, i have been trying more nail art. I can work on my nails in my free time without having to worry about messing them up when interruptions happen. I saw a flames mani by another blogger called Nailside that inspired me to try it. Hers turned out much nicer. Rather than trying to get the yellow to look good over the black, I tried putting the black over the yellow. It made sense at the time but it was to much of a mind F@#k. You have to fill in around where you want the flame to be. It didn't workout so well. I was given a suggestion for next time to try and paint the flames white over then black and then put the yellow over the whit to get the yellow to stand out. At least I would be actually painting the flames. I used a makeup sponge to apply the orange.

I just want to thank all the supportive and wonderful ladies in the nail polish community for their help.


  1. Well, "I" think they turned out cool as shit, James. I tried doing flames once a long time ago, and I wouldn't even photograph them they turned out so bad.

  2. They're great. So jealous that you can take off your nails and work on them. I can do my left hand OK, but my right hand is always lacking!

    1. I am ambidextrous, so I can do either hand about the same. Doing the nails off my hands is great for nail art that requires dry time between elements. I can also take my time and work on them when time allows.

  3. Gonna try those with stamping!

  4. Gonna try those with stamping!