Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pink October

Hello Everyone!

 I have been torn about posting on my blog. If people just want to see polish pictures, they can see what I've done on flickr. I haven't had a clear vision of what to talk about until this month. I have been wearing polish on my toes for around 3 years and on my nails for 2 years. For the last year I have been wearing polished nails almost constantly. I would get questions and many compliments from women. It would seem that everyone is so used to it that it never comes up anymore. I am not complaining, it is a good thing. A friend asked me to do an awareness mani and pedi. This month I have worn the colors below, which are a lot more girly than I usually wear. I thought for sure someone would say something. Nope! This means I am free to wear whatever color fits my mood.

If you are a guy, you should realize that people don't care about polish as much as you think. If someone doesn't like it, oh well. Who you are on the inside is way more important than what you wear or put on your nails.

Nina Punky Pink for breast cancer awareness. Pardon the rain drops and dog hair!

Awareness mani